Vaccine Registration: Step-by-Step Guide For People Above 18+

Phase 3 of coronavirus vaccination for people above the age of 18 will commence on May 1. Here’s how you can register on the CoWIN app.

Friday, May 7, 2021

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Vaccine Registration: The government has now announced the introduction of vaccination from May 1 even for those above 18 years of age. For this, Vaccine Registration has also been started from April 28. In this article, we are answering the questions you often ask about covid-19 registration. Read all the information carefully

Steps to Register in COWIN
  • Click on the Link
  • Enter Your 10 digits Mobile Number
  • Put OTP received to Mobile Number.  Click on Verify and Proceed
  • Select Photo ID Proof
  • Enter the Photo ID Proof Number
  • Name as on Photo ID Proof
  • Select Gender
  • Enter Your Year of Birth
  • Click on Add
  • Click on Schedule
  • Click on Schedule Now
  • Search by PIN Code or District
  • Select State and Select District (If You Search by District). 
  • Select the CVCs
  • Click on COVISHIELD (Age 18+)
  • Select Time 
  • Enter Security Code
  • Confirm
  • Download Your Appointment Letter.

1. Where can I register for the covid-19 vaccine. (Where can I register for COVID-19 vaccination?)

For the covid-19 vaccine, you can register  on the covin app by clicking on .

2. Is there an app for the covid-19 vaccine that can be installed?

There is no authorized mobile app for vaccination in India except Arogya Setu. Apart from this, you have to login on the Covin-portal as another option for Vaccine Registration  You can register for the vaccine on either of the Arogya Setu and Kovin-Portal (Co-Win).    

3. What age can people register for a vaccine on the Co-Win portal? Age for Vaccine Registration 

 All Indians over the age of 18 can register for the Kovid-19 vaccine.

4. Is online registration required for covid-19 vaccination? Online Vaccine Registration

Vaccination centers provide a limited number of on-spot registration slots every day. Citizens 45 years or older can schedule online or walk-in appointments at vaccination centers. However, citizens between the ages of 18–44 must compulsorily schedule their registration and vaccine time before visiting the vaccination center.

In general, all citizens do not have to face problems in the covid-19 vaccination, so the facility to register online and schedule the time to get the vaccine is given online.

5.  How many people can be registered with a mobile number on the Co-Win  portal? Online Vaccine Registration through co-win App

4 people can be registered with a mobile number on the Co-Win portal.

6. How can people who do not have phones or computers register for the vaccine? Vaccine Registration

4 people can be registered for a vaccine from a mobile number. In such a situation, people who do not use phones and computers can seek help from their friends or relatives. One can get the vaccine registered by their mobile number.

7. Can I get vaccinated without Aadhaar-card? Identity for Vaccine 

Yes, you  can register on the Co-Win portal using any of the following ID proofs  :

  1.  Aadhar Card
  2.  driving license
  3.  pan card
  4.  Passport
  5.  Pension passbook
  6.  Npr smart card
  7.  Voter ID card (EPIC)

8. Are there fees for registration? No charge for Vaccine Registration

No, there is no charge for registration of covid-19 vaccine. It is free.

9. Can I book an appointment for vaccination in the Co-Win 
portal? Vaccine Registration Appointment

Yes, you can book an appointment for vaccination through the Co-Win portal after logging into the Co-Win portal through your registered mobile number. A list of vaccination centers will come up near you on the portal, by clicking on it you can choose the time and place.

10. If one citizen is 45 years or older and the other is 18 or older, what 
are the options?

If one person is 45 years or older and the other person is 18 to 44 years old and wants to get both vaccinations done at the same time, then by providing money, make a private vaccination center or vaccination center as per state policy Will go.

However, some hospitals that are currently taking care of people who are only 45 years of age or above, do not allow booking of vaccinations to the younger age, so you will have to register one by one.

11. Can I check each vaccine being vaccinated at the vaccination center?

Yes, while scheduling appointment for vaccination, the portal will show the names of the vaccination center as well as the vaccine which will be shown only in the case of private hospitals. Vaccines are not named in government hospitals.

12. If I do not have the vaccine at the time of appointment, can I book 
the appointment again

The time may again be set to apply the vaccine. If you are not able to go for vaccination on the appointment date, you can take the appointment again by clicking on the "Reschedule" tab.

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